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As the leading outsourced sales and support team for power utility and telecommunications companies, we are very intentional in finding the right partners that complement each other. Because we want our partners to get the most out of all that StruXur brings to the relationship, we evaluate every line to ensure the right fit with our current markets and demographics.

  • Boost your bottom-line with trained experts

    Our team with 30 years of industry experience knows how to leverage the proven Sandler Sales System for your benefit.

  • Get access to end users from our long-standing relationships

    Leveraging our long-term end user relationships, we boost your brand visibility and awareness with their leaders and key team members to drive new and repeat business. 

  • Gain visibility of growth opportunities and forecasting from our reports

    Gain access to in-depth, detailed reporting from StruXur’s MarketPulse for a clear picture of performance and market insights. These reports shine the light on opportunities in the pipeline, define and document monthly sales performance, and prepare you to convert potential leads to new business.

StruXur For Manufacturing Open Opportunities

Open Opportunities Report

  • Review all current opportunities your team is working on
  • Track the opportunity cycle with creation and closing dates
  • Anticipate sales wins and plan production in advance
StruXur For Manufacturing Opportunities Closed

Opportunities Closed Last Month

  • Confirm all opportunities that closed the previous month
  • Know when and where you’re winning or losing
  • Collect actionable info on PO or competitors at follow-up
StruXur For Manufacturing Leads Report

Leads Report

  • Preview a list of unqualified leads and determine possibilities
  • Get a sense of potential customers and consider new opportunities
  • Spotlight what’s coming through the pipeline

Our Coverage Area

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StruXur For Manufacturing Our Industries

Our Industries

Here’s where StruXur delivers value and specialized solutions: 

  • Power Utility: Transmission & distribution, substation, metering, gas, engineering firms, overhead & underground, and contractors

  • Telecom: Testing solutions, physical layer products, access products, CATV, networking, service provider, engineering firms, and contractors

Our Product Categories

Here’s where StruXur has built a proven history of success:

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    Access and Connectivity Products

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    Testing and Monitoring Equipment

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    Productivity and Safety

StruXur Our Product Categories