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As a distributor, your priority list begins and ends at the same point: Your customers. Your peak concerns are centered on bringing value, addressing pain points, and providing high-level product and service offerings. 

As the leading outsourced sales and support team for power utility and telecom companies, StruXur can put your mind at ease and build customer confidence with specialized knowledge on our brands:

StruXur For Distributors Your Priority
Tap into product expertise

Tap into our Product Expertise

We pride ourselves on continuous learning to ensure a strong depth of product expertise and the ability to connect product benefits to solve customer needs.

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Leverage our Multi-Category Insights

Our team understands how product offerings work together and presents multi-category solutions as a synergistic group for a single build or project.

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Reach out to us for Product Demonstrations

We respond to the need for enhanced learning with product demonstrations and education tailored to what your customers need.

Our Coverage Area

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StruXur For Distributors Our Industries

Our Industries

Here's where StruXur delivers value and specialized solutions:

  • Power Utility: Transmission & distribution, substation, metering, gas, engineering firms, overhead & underground, and contractors

  • Telecom: Testing solutions, physical layer products, access products, CATV, networking, service provider, engineering firms, and contractors

Our Product Categories

Here’s where StruXur has built a proven history of success:

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    Access and Connectivity Products

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    Testing and Monitoring Equipment

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    Productivity and Safety

StruXur Our Product Categories